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Proof of Anti-scarring effect of lactoferrin derivate



Annals of Surgery. 250(6):1021-1028, 20  


A Novel Polypeptide Derived From Human Lactoferrin in Sodium Hyaluronate Prevents Postsurgical Adhesion Formation in the Rat

Elin Nilsson; Camilla Björn; Veronika Sjöstrand; Kerstin Lindgren; Mattias Münnich; Inger Mattsby-Baltzer; Marie-Louise Ivarsson; Kjell Olmarker; Margit Mahlapuu 

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 More than 50-70 percent reduction of scarring with

formulations of lactoferrin derivate (PXL-01)

Gold standard multiple abrasion model in the rat


PLOSOne 9(10) : e 110735 October 23, 2014


PXL01 in Sodium Hyaluronate for Improvement of Hand Recovery after Flexor Tendon Repair Surgery: Randomized Controlled Trial

Monica E. Wiig , Lars B. Dahlin, Jan Fridén, Lars Hagberg, Sören E. Larsen, Kerstin Wiklund,

Margit Mahlapuu 

In a large multi center study in 138 patients anti-scarring peptide PXL-01 (enserptide)  caused  40-60 percent improvement of scarring related dysfunction  after hand surgery with repair of  raptured tendon .


Scarring and adhesions may reduce the mobility of fingers which compromises hand function and Activities of Daily Life

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